Revisiting past questions

I’ve embarked on an archeological dig of old issues of this newsletter, mining writings for new insights. One of the first artifacts I’ve surfaced are the research questions below. to view old insights in the harsh light of our present. Comment below with insights and implications that come up for you when you see these questions.

  1. What are new and/or missing definitions and frameworks that define belonging when looking to the future?

  2. How does art and culture both shape belonging and belonging shape artistic and cultural expressions?

  3. How is technology shaping how we construct belonging? Who is wielding the power to shape these constructions?

  4. What are the negative aspects of belonging, if any? What occurs in a world with overabundance of belonging?

  5. Conversely, what occurs in a world where belonging is absent? What coping methods are created and adopted?

  6. Given the multidimensionality of belonging, is any single level or combinations thereof more powerful or influential in shaping belonging? For example, does the emotional experience of belonging outweigh power structures.

  7. How can belonging be actively designed or manipulated?

  8. As our physical surroundings become less reliable and stable with climate change, how will materiality and spatiality shift moving into the future?

  9. How can belonging to ourselves mediate shifts in belonging to places and other groups?