Re: Issue #57: Community and Belonging

Last week I explored where community could lead the way to cultivating belonging. This week we have a thought exercise.

Imagine a world where belonging is community-driven in 2032:

  1. How do we know that belonging is community-driven? What are the signs in the environment, new behaviors and norms, technological shifts, economic underpinnnings, and, political actions?

  2. What has to be true and/or untrue as compared to today? What would speed these changes into greater scale or impact? What would slow them down?

  3. What weird and/or excited discoveries, disruptions or interventions prompted belonging to become community-driven?

  4. What disruption, innovation, experience or story that triggers your worst fears about community-driven belonging?

  5. What disruption, innovation, experience or story that gives you hope for the future of community-driven belonging?